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Counterfeit drugs pose a risk to patients. According to a study by the WHO, up to ten per cent of worldwide medicines are counterfeit. This threatens patients and leads to billions in costs. Many countries have therefore introduced strict regulations that are intended to protect against counterfeits. This poses a challenge for pharmaceutical companies. Medipak offers both consulting and solutions – as a complete solution for the entire manufacturing process or as support in one particular area.

The complete solution for the entire manufacturing process.

Medipak offers both Consulting and Solutions.

„Systec & Services not only developed and implemented the solution which was just right for us, but also consulted us along the way to get there fast and very efficiently.“
Bernd Wolke, Head of Engineering, Luye Pharma AG

Good reasons for Track & Trace.

Here are our Top Three:

Track & Trace Icon 100% intelligent solutions

The intelligent solutions can be integrated into existing systems if needed.

Track & Trace – Icon consultation

The Medipak portfolio includes companies with a focus on production machines (Dividella, Fargo, Mediseal, Seidenader) as well as software companies (Werum) and material specialists (Rondo).

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Medipak will advise pharmaceutical companies during the entire manufacturing process with respect to how they can comply with regulations and which requirements they need to fulfil.

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